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Institute of Plant Protection (IPP) is a national non-profit scientific research institute specialized in crop pest research, prevention and control. IPP has 10 departments, including plant pathology, agricultural entomology, pesticide science, molecular plant pathology, pest natural enemy, monitoring and forecasting of plant disease and insect pests, biological invasion, biological pesticide, weed and rodent science, functional genomics and gene security and 8 field stations in China. Institutions like China Society of Plant Protection and China Plant Protection Herbarium are also affiliated to IPP. IPP is also responsible for editing and publishing of academic journals like Chinese Journal of Biological Control, Journal of Biosafety and Plant Protection.

IPP now has 222 employees, including 2 CAE academicians, 1 winner of National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, 1 talent under the ¡°Thousand-Talent Scheme¡±, 1 ¡°Chinese Outstanding Agricultural Talents Award¡± winner, 3 ¡°Agricultural Scientific and Research Outstanding Talents Award¡± winners, 2 chief scientists of National Basic Research Program (973 Program) .

According to development trend of international plant protection and actual need of China for agricultural production and based on the discipline development line, IPP identified its major ¡°disciplinary area¡± with plant disease, plant pest, pesticide, weeds and rats and crop bio-safety as basis. The plant disease field includes plant fungal disease, bacterial disease, virus disease and nematodosis; the plant pest field includes food crop pest, cash crop pest and natural enemy insect; the pesticide field includes chemical pesticide and biological pesticide; the weeds and rats field includes farmland weeds and farmland rats; the crop bio-safety field includes prevention and control of exotic invasive species and GMO safety.

IPP has a sound system of scientific research innovation platform. It has national or ministerial key labs, including State Key Laboratory for Biology of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests, National Agricultural Biological Security Science Center, MOA Key Laboratory of Crop Integrated Pest Management, MOA Center for Management of Invasive Alien Species, MOA Inspection Test Center for Environmental Safety of Transgenic Crops, MOA Supervision and Test Center for Disease and Insect Pest Resistance in Plants, MOA-CABI Joint Laboratory for Biosafety, Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory, etc, and also 8 field stations.

IPP has hosted and undertaken national major plant protection scientific and research programs for a long time and actively enhanced multidisciplinary coordination. It has published more than 100 books and 4,000 scientific research papers, won more than 270 scientific research achievements awards including 2 national prizes for natural sciences, 2 national awards for innovation, over 30 national prizes for progress in science and technology and over 200 provincial and ministerial prizes, among which, ¡°The Construction and Application of the Comprehensive Control Technology System of Wheat Stripe Rust Fungal Source Base¡± has won the first prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

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